From broodstock to postlarvae – from Rottenmann into the wide world.

White Panther Production GmbH has been producing postlarvae (PL) since 2019 and is currently not only the first, but also the only producing prawn hatchery in Europe. The postlarvae are used for our own growout, but are also available for sale to other prawn producers. Each production step is carried out independently and locally: conditioning and care of the broodstock, egg collection, production of live food (brine shrimps and algae), spawning, customer specific order selection and packaging.

The implemented genetic program focuses on indoor prawn farms and is subject to Austrian animal welfare, quality and hygiene standards. Our indoor cultivation methodology excludes the addition of chemical substances, as this would massively disrupt biological water chemistry. Eyestalk ablation is not carried out under any circumstances. We leave the timing of spawning to nature. We have strict quality control standards that all PL must adhear to before shipment. We regularly test our broodstock for a broad range of relevant prawn diseases as such we can guarantee the health status of all larvae. In addition, we guarantee a minimum size of PL of 8-11mm (CV 15-20).

The Europe-wide transport is stress-free by land. These transport times, which are short compared to classic production regions, have a positive effect on animal welfare and the CO2 footprint. We also offer conslting service and feed for postlarvae.

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